what NOT to say to someone who’s pregnant


If you’re looking for a list of things not to say to someone who’s pregnant, keep scrolling down. I have a bit of a rant that I need to get out of the way first though.

Over the past year or so, many of my friends have been having babies. I’m still going to several bridal showers and weddings a year but recently baby showers, aqeeqahs, and first birthdays have also been thrown into the mix.

Not complaining. I love babies and if any of those nosy aunties/young girls who don’t know better are reading this then please know that yes, I do want children iA. So save your comments.

Before I got married, I never really thought of how bad that one question could make someone feel. But obviously, after I tied the knot, it was the question of the hour. Continue reading

diy – tassel garland


I have been the busiest of bees lately – baby shower planning, family, events, and just making the most of summer before it’s gone for another 8 months (yes, that’s how long winters last in Canada – not at all a myth).

I made this tassel garland just before Eid for my friend for her candy shop (Blossom & Bean = Best.Halal. Gummies.Ever) because I absolutely love these ones from Studio Mucci! I’ve been meaning to post these weeks ago but alas, so little time!

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a penny for my thoughts


Ahhh, I’m back. So much has been happening lately – both in my little bubble and outside of it. Big things and small things. Good things and bad things. Happy things and sad things.

When it rains it truly does pour but when the sun’s out, does it ever shine.

I don’t know where to begin but all my problems seem so small and petty when I think of what’s happening in Syria, in Ferguson, in Iraq, in Gaza.  Continue reading